Student Government Association kicks off semester

As a new school year approaches, seats are waiting to be filled for the Student Governemnt Association (SGA). 

On Monday, Aug. 26 Grambling’ SGA held its interest meeting in Grambling Hall. In order to be eligible to run for anything in the organization, the meeting was mandatory. 

The intention of the meeting was for students to leave more knowledgeable about SGA at Grambling, what positions are available this school year and what each position entails. The current members of SGA explained the requirements needed to qualify.

According to the school’s website, “The sole purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to serve the students of Grambling State University.” 

Members of SGA ensure that each student’s needs are met. They play a role in the development of school policies. SGA is, in fact, the middleman between the students and the administration. 

Though many students think of the organization as something similar to what they witnessed in high school, Miss Senior-Elect  Arlissia Giles explained how SGA is a serious organization that makes paramount decisions for the student body, and only the strong will survive.

“The water is deeper now, so if you don’t think you can swim then don’t jump,” Giles, a senior from LaPlace, La., said. 

SGA positions available are the Election Commissioner, Freshman Class President, Freshman Class Vice President, Freshman Secretary/Treasurer, freshman senators, freshman associate justices, and Miss Freshman. Positions available for upperclassmen are Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer, sophomore associate justices, Junior Senator, junior associate justices, and Senior Secretary/Treasurer and senior associate justices.

Students who were brave enough to continue the election process attended SGA’s Nomination Convention held in the same building the following evening. Those interested in a position nominated themselves and filled out the forms for the Board of Elections to evaluate and see if the student is eligible to run. After being cleared, preparation for election week begins.

The way SGA is conducting the elections has slightly changed from last year.

“This year the Board of Elections believes that platforms are important and should be a focus as well, therefore, we plan on making some changes during the Queen Showcase,” Marquiesha Lafitte, a senior from Los Angeles, said. 

Upcoming events for SGA candidates are the “SGA Parade” and “SGA & Freshman Class Queen Showcase” on Sept. 3 and “SGA Social on the Yard” on Sept. 5. All of these events will be conducted for the student body to get familiarized with the students running for positions. Polls will closed and election results will be announced on Sept. 6.

Be sure to follow the Student Government Association (SGA) on social media for more updates and event information. Any questions, comments, and concerns can be sent to SGA’s email.  

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