COMMENTARY: 6 tips to survive freshmen year

Freshman Tips:

Congratulations and welcome to the Grambling family. Are you concerned about making friends and getting involved? No need to worry, the tips are here and you will learn plenty more as the year goes on. 

Go to class ON TIME. Missing a class could be detrimental to your grade. Teachers fly through different subjects every class period. Some teachers also have late policies. If you are late for class they might mark you as absent for the whole class and too many absences can put your financial aid at risk. The week before classes start, take the time to time yourself walking to the class you have to get to from your dorm. This will let you know how much time you have to get ready before leaving your room. Being punctual and having perfect attendance might even be the extra credit you need to bump your grade up a letter. 

Do not stay in your dorm. Be active. College is not all about books and class. It is also about the memories you make of all the great times you have had. There are plenty of events to attend throughout the school year. There are parties, informational events, and student body meetings which are very important if you want your voice heard on issues such as who are our headliners for Spring Fest. A happy student is an active student.

Budget your Tiger Bucks. Before you swipe your Tiger1Card, make a decision on whether or not you are going to spend more time in the café or in the express. If you will be in the express more, go get the maximum amount of Tiger Bucks allowed and budget. Figure out how many times a week you can go to the express while still having some Tiger Bucks left right before winter break. Do not spend all of your Tiger Bucks within the first two months of school.

Take time to study. Do not get so caught up in the events and parties that you do not study. A pop quiz could happen at any moment and test dates creep up on you faster than you would think. It is important to set aside time to spend on the subjects that might be trickier.

Make “in-class-friends” and group chats. If no one sends around a sheet of paper on the first day of class to get everyone’s name and number, you do it. Make the group message so the whole class can be successful. Also, get acquainted with the people you sit around. 

Make sure you become friends with them because you never know when one of you will have to miss class and need the notes. If it is a super boring class having friends that sit around you will make the time go by a lot faster as well. 

Get to know your professors and the staff. Go to your professors’ office hours. The more familiar you are with your professors, the more likely you are to pass your class. Meet the head of your department and head of financial aid. Having connections with your teachers and staff members will secure you with an easier college experience. When people know who you are and know that you are a concerned student they will be more willing to help you and spend the amount of time needed to make sure you are set and ready to go.

Following these tips will lead you to a successful college career.