Beast Vibez T-Shirts

Donald Auzenne II poses in some of the Beast Vibez gear. Courtesy photo

Walter Sandifer III poses in some of the Beast Vibez gear. Courtesy photo

Janae Pierce poses in some of the Beast Vibez gear. Courtesy photo

Allen Sandifer

When mentioning black-owned businesses on campus, another individual to add to the list of great entrepreneurs who are spreading a positive message is Allen Sandifer. 

Sandifer is a junior mass communication major from New Orleans. He decided to sell t-shirts when he realized that he wanted to motivate and spread positivity to the world. His business was launched on June 4, 2018. The name of his brand is “Beast Vibez”. The motto for the clothing line is “Be A Stand Out”. 

Sandifer feels that selling shirts is a good way to express himself. 

“Beast Vibez is set out to motivate individuals strive for greatness relentlessly in their own way,” Sandifer said. 

Sandifer’s brand came about when he began thinking about ways to spread a positive message to the world. 

“Beast Vibez is a representation of starting from the bottom to fight, scratch and claw your way to the top,” Sandifer said. 

Sandifer creates his own merchandise in his dorm room. Sandifer designs and presses the shirts himself.  

Outside of Sandfier being a student, he is also involved in United Afrikan American Men, Inc. (UAAM). Sandifer explained how he juggles being a student, in an organization and managing his business. 

“When I finish all of my assignments, take care of organization business, my free time goes into my brand,” Sandifer said. 

The entrepreneur mentioned how his brothers assist him as well. 

Jamere Robinson, a sophomore chemistry major from Chicago, is inspired by Beast Vibez.

 “Allen works harder than many of our peers his age. Since the day I met Allen, I’ve seen his ambition and his effort in his books and his brand,” Robinson said. “Beast Vibez is a result of a great leader and a successful black owned business.”

Donald Auzenne II, a sophomore kinesiology major from Lafayette, La. said he is a fan of the brand.

“If you don’t have any ‘work’ in your closet, [you] need to get a piece immediately,” Auzenne said. “[It is] comfortable and fashionable fit for everyday wear use. The work Allen puts in is without a doubt truly inspiring,” 

Raymond Washington, a sophmore CIS major from Chicago, is also a client of Sandifer’s.

“It doesn’t get more original [or] more personable than Beast Vibez. Beast Vibez doesn’t represent a person. It represents a movement,” Washington said. 

Gregory Hicks, a sophomore mass communication major from Baton Rouge said he is inspired by Sandifer..

“The hard work Allen puts into his designs is without a doubt one of the hardest grinds I’ve ever seen,” Hicks said. “He thrives on the idea of perfection and efficiency to give to his customers. [His shirts] Definitely will be in everybody’s closet sooner than later”. 

Allen is making an impact on the people around him with his business. If you would like to purchase any of his merchandise you can direct message Sandfier on Twitter @Beastvibez or through his website