The great wing divide

In the past year, Grambling has been blessed with the opening of two hot new wing joints. One is an add on to Grambling's Chevron service station J&J’s Express and the other, Who Made Me Do It, was founded by Grambling’s very own Shelby Prout, also known as MC Fiji Mcdowell. Both of the wing joints have built fan bases from students and the Grambling community at large to the point that sometimes it's hard to choose between the two. 

Carl Wilmer, a football player for the G-Men is big wing fanatic. 

When it comes to wings, Wilmer knows the ins an outs of wings. Wilmer competes in an annual eating contest every year in his hometown Marksville, La. His favorite flavor is buffalo hot wings. In the great divide, Wilmer sides with Who Made Do It. 

“The wings are nice in size and the amount of sauce used is perfect,” Wilmer said. 

Being a football player comes with a big appetite. 

“The size is important because who wants to eat a baby chicken, if that was the case then you would have to eat a 20 piece just to get full and my strength coach would not be happy with that,” Wilmer said.  

The sauce is also a big part in picking wings because the wrong sauce can make you think differently about wings. 

“Mcdowell's wings are filled with flavor not only from the sauce it's dipped in but from the chicken itself,” Wilmer said. 

According to Wilmer, Who Made Do It.’s chicken has its own distinct flavor of herbs and spices set aside from the sauce unlike J&J’s where they give you more sauce than the actual meat. 

Sace Addison, a Kinesiology major here at Grambling sides with J&J’s in the debate of the top wings in Grambling. 

I’m a lemon pepper type of girl,” Addison said. 

Because of this, she sides with J&J’s wings. 

Who Made Me Do It offers lemon pepper wings, but they only serve them wet. Addison prefers dry lemon pepper.

“Wet lemon pepper sauce is too overpowering,” Addison said. 

Addison said she prefers wings with a nice solid flavor that's not too overbearing. A

“Who Made Me Do It’s lemon pepper wings is too tangy,” Addison said. “It shouldn't be like your eating a pack of sour straws when you bite into the wing.”

Addison is also big on the frying process of wings. She said sometimes restaurants don't let the wings fry long enough to the harder outside of them and this could be a major turnoff to the texture of the wing. 

“J&J’s fries their wings to perfection,” Addison said. 

In the battle of “The Great Wing Divide”, both have many selections to choose from. If you are a hot kind of person there's something for you and if not then there are other options to best fit your taste. The only way to break the tie is to try both and decide for yourself on who is the king of wings in Grambling.