Sodexo Food Company

In 2006, a food company, by the name of SodexoMAGIC began. It carried it’s vision, “being able to recognize the clear choice provider of innovative, comprehensive service solutions that goes beyond the needs and expectations of their clients” which is mentioned on SodexoMagic website. 

According to their website, their mission is “To empower the communities we serve by offering best in class food and facilities management solutions, that create a positive impact and make a difference in the lives of our clients and customers”. 

SodexoMAGIC recently took over food services at Grambling State University.  The company’s CEO is former basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson who partnered with Sodexo to form the joint over a decade ago. 

This company has become well known since it has started. Sodexo has provided for many institutions and even incarcerated inmates at the different prisons. 

Since Aramark Corporation left Grambling and was replaced by SodexoMAGIC, the food has been quite tasteful and much better. Now, students are able to self serve themselves and have a variety of meals to choose from to gain the proper nutrients. Also, there is food available for everyone from vegetarians to someone who eats regular food. 

Not only are the students impressed by the new services, but as well as the faculty and staff. Every day I am in the dining hall I see quite a few faculty and staff. Teachers, Administration, Police officers, and other workers enjoy the delicious food provided by this company. 

Although Aramark was Grambling’s long-time food provider, I am truly grateful for the new change. Aramark was not the best food company. The food selections were not great choices. They served things such as raw chicken, macaroni hot dogs, fake hamburgers and other meals  that were not suitable for the University. 

Sodexo has now provided us with real hamburgers. Students know how the chance to eat real meat and not fake meat. Also, the pizza is better. There are more varieties to choose from, we are not limited to just two types of pizza. Not only do we have varieties of pizza but we also have bread sticks. 

Alongside pizza, the food that is served in seasoned now. Aramark did not quite season the food well bu new students can taste all of the flavor and enjoy a wonderful meal. They also have cookie jars for the cookies, and have different types of desserts everyday.  We have a full salad bar including bacon bits. Not only has the food changed, the silverware and dishes has been changed. 

With the changes of dishes, we no longer have cereal in containers but we have them in large bowls with serving spoons. I am extremely excited to see what else this company has to offer for the upcoming school year.  I am also excited about the dining hall being open 24 hours including guest passes for your guest to eat.  

I honestly believe that, the dining hall services will improve and students will finally be satisfied with the food. Although, they will be enforcing rules such as, you must have your identification card in order to enter the cafe, guest passes must be presented, and students will not be allowed to take food put the cafe. With these stipulations, I still feel that the company and the University will prosper and do great things for the University and the community.