Grambling alum, a modern day Madam CJ Walker

The natural beauty trend has taken over America as more black women are embracing their natural hair, using natural hair care products to help get beautiful and bouncy hair. 

The natural hair movement encourages women of African descent to keep their natural hair texture and replace chemically infused hair products that can alter one’s curl pattern, with natural and organic hair products.

Grambling alumnae Tia Pittman, a two-time Grambling graduate with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, is capitalizing on the niche market of natural hair care through her brand of her natural hair care products, STAT Hair Health & Growth.

STAT Hair Health & Growth is a small, independently owned natural hair care brand, based out of West Monroe, La.

The company’s motto is “Hair health achieves hair growth.”

“I started the company because I wanted a 100 percent natural hair care line for African-Americans that was genuinely natural,” Pittman said. 

Pittman, who stopped using chemicals on her hair in 2014, saw there was a small percentage of chemical-free products in the black haircare market, especially in products that were supposed to be for the natural hair consumer. 

Pittman began creating her own concoctions of natural and organic ingredients for a moisture locking cream in order to maintain that perfect, natural curl.

“I researched my ingredients for my product for years,” Pittman said. “The growth moisture locking cream is made up of nut butters, seed oils and essential oils for retaining moisture in African-American hair while promoting hair health to ensure health growth.”

According to a study conducted by Mintel, in 2016, 70 percent of black women read ingredients on labels of hair care products to avoid certain chemicals. 

In the same study done by Mintel, three in 10 of those black women, were happy with the choices that they have made and said their hair makes them feel healthy.

The natural ingredients in natural hair care products helps with the growth, care and strengthening of one’s hair. For example, nut butters, help reduce the amount of moisture lost from one’s hair and natural oils, like tea tree oils, help remove dead cells and prevents lice and dandruff.

Pittman started using her moisture locking cream on her two young daughters. 

“I would wash and deep condition my daughters’ hair using the moisture locking cream,” Pittman said. “Their hair would be bouncy and moist.”

Pittman said the cream also reduces shrinkages, keeps the hair hydrated, and makes it easier to manage. 

STAT’s moisture locking cream has been positively reviewed by several hair and beauty channels on YouTube and have been used by beauticians in West Monroe and Monroe, La.

Pittman says that she is looking forward to expanding her brand within the next year, with the relaunch of STAT’s website, as many black consumers purchase hair care products online. She hopes to sponsor a booth in the Bronner Brothers Hair Show, to continue to market her business. 

For more information about STAT, the company has an Instagram account, stathair, and the company’s email address is