United Afrikan American Men president making a difference in students’ lives

Uplifting the black community is something that holds great importance to Larry Short III.

He feels as if a point of emphasis among people should be to support one another rather than bring each other down. 

Short is a native of Hammond, La. and a double major in computer information systems and accounting at Grambling State University. 

His first trip to GSU was for his best friend’s probate. Short vividly remembers the energy that he felt when he came to Grambling’s campus and he instantly fell in love. He would soon tell his friend, “I’ll be here in the fall.” 

Short decided to attend Grambling because of the school’s environment and energy.

“I know it will sound cliché, but Grambling chose me,” Short said. “It was the overall environment and atmosphere that made me feel at home.” 

During his first year at Grambling, Short showed an interest in an organization called United Afrikan American Men (UAAM). 

“I had an interest because of the name alone,” says Short, “I come from a place where black men are mostly against each other, that type of mindset was something I wanted to grow from.”

The organization puts an emphasis on bringing unity to people of color as a whole, so that as a community they are able to move forward and progress instead of regress.

“UAAM taught me that I actually co-exist with my fellow men and I can inspire them to take strives towards greatness just as I want to,” Short said.  

Once he showed his interest Short began to take steps to become a part of the organization and at 19 years old Short was able to join UAAM. As a member of the organization he has participated in multiple community service events that put him in positions to help people he did not know. 

“It humbled me,” Short said. 

Short said becoming a part of the organization brought him a sense of selflessness. 

“Being put in positions to help individuals who don’t know you, but are thankful for what you have done for them, brings a different type of joy to me,” Short said. 

With these events in addition to the other things, UAAM has put him in a position to want to learn the ins and outs of the organization, and also made him think of ways that he could improve the organization as well.

Years later, after being in the organization and being able to see all aspects of it, Short decided to run as the President of UAAM in 2017. 

He won the position and has helped the organization continue to grow and expand on Grambling’s campus. 

Since joining UAAM, Short has helped bring in four lines and two since he has become president. He has also helped the organization expand to other campuses like Texas Southern University. 

“I see the U as something all men should be a part of,” Short said. 

“If all African American men would actually come together in support of one another, as a culture we would all have more success. In our personal lives we would have more success and as a whole we would be more powerful.”