Professors should motivate and respect students, not be hostile

Now we all have had those set of good professors and those set of bad ones. 

One of my favorites is Mathematics Professor Eugene Taylor because he really and truly does care. 

Professors I usually have a problem with are the ones who tend to not speak English very well and behave excessively hostile towards the student body.  

Why is this the case and where do they come from? 

Now…I’m not saying that I have a problem with who they are as individuals or with people who struggle with speaking English in general. My overall problem is the fact they choose to behave in a hostile manner. And part of the reason I think that is because of the fact that they struggle with communication that they feel the need to behave in an aggressive manner. 

Many students a Grambling State University have said this is a problem. 

For example, one of the professors in the sciences is a big problem. 

Nobody judges this professor or makes students feel a certain way because of the fact that this professor is hard to understand you due to a thick native accent. 

A lot of the students taking classes taught by this professor have noted their great dislike for for the professor who comes off as disrespectful by not taking time out to understand what the students are trying to communicate. 

Many students try to help the professor understand what they are trying to say, but the professor refuses to listen to what the other students are trying to say. Apparently this professor does not have the patience nor the time to even hear what the student is trying to communicate towards her. 

This professor has also failed to inform students the next time they have to take a quiz. I recently had to take a quiz in this class that wasn’t brought up in a previous lecture. Usually the professor would tell us whether or not we would have a quiz next class. Only this time was the first time the professor did not bring it up. This frustrated a good number of students in the class because nobody studied for the quiz nor did they knew the material that was going to be on the quiz. Another problematic professor at Grambling State University teaches in the foreign languages. This professor falls behind in lecture and then blames students. 

One of my favorite professors here at Grambling State University is Education Professor Dr. Steve Favors who once said, “whatever you asked to be in life nine times out of ten you’re going to end up being what you desire or what you dream of.”  

I love hearing stuff like that from professors because that motivates me as a student and as a person. I would love to hear that from teachers like that more often. 

I would like to have teachers listen to me as well as my fellow classmates more than ignore us when we are trying to tell them something we feel is important in regards to the class we’re in. 

I believe it’s something that needs to get fixed I believe it’s something that needs to get fixed and I believe that it’s not too late to fix it.