GSU student goes to China

Kayla Sullers, a native of Chicago Ill., was selected by the Chicago Urban League Student Mission Trip to go China this July. 

Sullers, a rising sophomore majoring in mass communication, received the news near the end of the spring semester upon completing her freshman year at Grambling State University. 

  Sullers, along with the other appointed students, are expected to participate several classes prior to going to China. These classes include components such as learning the language of Mandarin, field trips to local Chinese history museums within Chicago, as well as etiquette and cultural stereotype classes. 

“I expect to learn more in depth of the Chinese Culture, visit monumental architectures such as the Great Wall, try new meals, and so much more!” Sullers said.

Sullers was selected for the trip through a program called Chicago Scholars. The selective program nominated 54 students. Sullers was one of the 16 students selected to go to China and was the only student from Grambling State University selected. 

“For the last two years I’ve been a part of an organization named ‘Chicago Scholars,’” Sullers said. “They are known to help students throughout their college journey as well as grant once in a lifetime opportunities. I received an email from the organization asking if I would be interested in having my name nominated in the competitive interview process of the ‘Chicago Urban League Students Missions Trip’.” 

The Chicago Scholars program, which lasts for seven years, recruits students who have a thirst for learning early on. Throughout the program students are readied mentally and academically for the next phase of their life after high school. Chicago Scholars continues to guide these students through their college years and even the few years after graduating college to make sure that they are settled in with their future jobs.