Business major on how to become a ‘young boss’

Joven Jefe is a Spanish phrase meaning “young boss.” 

This phrase is also the name of Frederic Green’s up and coming clothing brand. 

Green, a business major at Grambling State University and native of Tallulah, La., has always lived by this ‘young boss’ mindset. 

“My father always told me ‘you don’t want to work for anybody. Work for yourself, make your own money, so in the end you can do what you want.” Green said. 

Since then, he always made sure he is able to do something where he can bring in his own income. 

His goal with ‘Jovan Jefe’ is not only to have success as a business, but to spread this spirit of having a self-made mindset with his customers and the children of the community. 

With every shirt comes a card that promotes the idea of being a young boss. The message on the card highly specifies and highlights the idea of young entrepreneurship. 

“I want the kids to understand that you’re never too young to be a boss,” Green said. 

Green’s goal is to change the common mindset of “graduate high school, graduate from college, and get a job,’ but instead for people to create their own jobs and give themselves their own power. 

“The children are the future,” Green said. “If we can equip the children… our children with the knowledge to make their own money and be their own boss, we can also progress towards there being less idleness and unemployment in the future.” 

Green has always been focused on having his own businesses. 

By studying business management his goal is to gather all the knowledge and information the major has to offer and then apply all of his expertise towards his many business ideas to make them run in the most effective way possible. 


Green wants to go back to his hometown and provide the community more opportunities. 

He said he plans on establishing a theatre that the community can attend. He has many more ideas and goals on to improve Tallulah, but his main goal is to give the children in the city someone positive to look up to. 

“Tallulah is full of talent, but many people never end up reaching their full potential because of the small-town mindset implanted into them,” Green said. “If I can be a role model to the young children in my town, the entire culture has the ability to change.” 

Emarion Williams, Green’s 13-year-old brother, is following the footsteps of his older brother already, as a middle schooler. Green said Williams amazes him every time they have a conversation. At the age of 12, Williams taught himself how to fix phone screens and said that in the future he wants to be able to make his own phone and apps. 

“It was mind blowing to hear my brother say that… like what!? You’re 12!” Green said. 

Williams’ mindset and maturity did motivated Green to try to help the other young children in his community to hopefully one day become their own Joven Jefe.