ROBINSON: Class of 2019 makes their way to the finish line

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Que Robinson is a senior mass communication major from Shreveport, La.

With all of the computer labs full, printers working non-stop, and lecturers doing all they can, the spring class of 2019 makes their way to the finish line, as commencement ceremony is around the corner.  For some students, they tend to start early and be prepared for the semester to come to an end while others tend to like working under pressure.  
Although procrastination is not endorsed here at GSU, some students produce their best work at the last minute, when it’s extremely necessary.  Surely this action may aggravate the professors, but the effort the students put in is said to be absolutely amazing. Points may be taken off assignments or even added to an assignment depending on how well a student does. All of this urgency, pleading and hard work is in efforts of participating in graduation.
Although most professors do not want the added responsibility, the act of finishing strong is somewhat appreciated.  
”It’s not encouraged that students wait until the last minute to either begin or finish incomplete work,”
Mass Communication Professor Marjorie Newman said.  “We’ve been in college before therefore we know the process of senior year.
“Students should understand that we give them deadlines because we have deadlines as well,” Newman said. “More importantly, this becomes a missed learning opportunity for the student. What we are trying to do is to ensure students have those soft employable skills which include time management and the ability to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, sometimes students just immediately see the importance of the end goal. Typically everyone is a tad bit stressed towards the end of the school semester.”
Even students chimed in their input towards the end of the semester crisis.
“College has been tough all four years, from freshman year up until senior semester,” Elijah Roussell a senior graduated with bachelor’s degree in mass communication said. “ It’s not intended for a senior to wait until a week before graduation to complete all the assignments necessary to graduate. The issue comes when we begin to get lazy about mid semester, we just adapt that feeling out of nowhere, we begin to not work as hard. My semester is complete and I’m thankful for the people who were generous enough to shed mercy on my urgencies upon finishing.”
School becomes tiring and somewhat stressful, especially considering balancing other obligations. For many, by the time you become a senior in college, surely you have more responsibilities than you had as a freshman. Balancing and ensuring that all tasks are being complete in a timely fashion sometimes gets overwhelming.
Grambling puts a lot into the students, on both a educational level and realm of understanding the importance of completion.  
It’s beyond appreciated when students do the proper thing and meet deadlines during the semester.  
It’s understood that there will be a few that may fall short during the semester, as long as the requirements are met and a true lesson is learned all is well.
Congratulations to the Spring class of 2019!