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Beyonce Knowles is photographed with the Orchesis Dance Company and members of World Famed Tiger Marching Band. Courtesy photo

Beyoncé has put a true stamp of approval on The Grambling State University.
After collaborating with Adidas, Beyoncé invited Grambling’s World Famed Marching Band to represent her at “Beychella” at Coachella, an annual music festival held in Idio, CA.  
This year Grambling’s World Famed Marching Band was a vital piece to Queen Bey.
The opportunity was presented to the band officials a while back. After making necessary arrangements, what once may have been a dream was well on its way of coming to fruition.
The mystery was well kept prior to the performance.
Members of the band were not even told of the surprise in store, they were only informed of having to perform in California. Shortly after arriving and getting settled in, the members say their minds began to wonder.
“Seeing the smiles on the band members faces when they were notified (was a great moment),” Band Director Dr. Edwin Thomas said.
Thomas said the performance was a true showcase of excellence and entertainment, he said.
He said both Beyoncé and World Famed definitely rocked the stage leaving the entire crowd pleased.  
The band played the song selections to perfection, he noted. Thomas said Beyoncé expressed appreciation and was impressed with the band’s performance.
For the band members, the long practices, uncertainty about the location of the show and anticipation were well worth the wait.
Thomas said sharing the stage with Beyoncé was a major accomplishment.
The students were beyond elated about the chance to play for one of the best performers to date, especially for someone who the majority of these students have idolized since they were in their childhood.
The members of the band were extremely happy for the opportunity.
“It was great,” drum major Marcus Wagner said. “The band was able to play on stage with Beyoncé! Not many people, let alone bands, get this opportunity and we greatly appreciate it”.  
Grambling’s majorettes also put on a show with Queen Bey. The dancers were excited when notified that they were also granted the opportunity.
Beyoncé embraced one of the dancers with a hug who began to cry as a long time dream of meeting her came true.
This performance will likely go down one of the best performance ever for the band and GSU.
Grambling State University has received worldwide publicly following the performance and Beyoncé even donated a scholarship to the university.