BALANCIER: End of semester blues shouldn’t affect your GPA

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Willie Balancier is a senior mass communication major from New Orleans, La.

End of the semester hassles. You know end of the semester is when many students are rushing around the campus to get Scantrons and finishing off last minute assignments.
The majority of the students are stressed trying to complete assignments that should have been turned in. I suppose the fear of getting low grades that could possible hinder their GPAs has finally settled in.
Dropping of your GPA is no joke, because to some it seems like it takes forever to get it back up in the range where you feel comfortable. However, I think most students are more focused on the break when it comes to the end of the semester.
Throughout the last week of school most students are either packing their room to get ready to leave for the summer, or on edge because they think they are going to fail a class they should’ve passed.
The end of the semester can either make you or break you, and it all depends on you and your work ethic. The thought of your looming finals can be what makes or breaks your stress-o-meter for the rest of the semester.
So, breathe and start planning now on how to ace those exams and bang out the best paper you have ever written. And if thinking that far in advance is what is going to stress you then don’t worry about it now!
You have the whole summer to relax and do things that you want to enjoy. For those who are thinking about finals though, just breathe. Take some time each night to start writing down vocabulary or formulas.
If you already know what book you need to analyze for your final, try and get a head start in reading it (if you have time). The trick is to not stress about the end of the semester, it is all about time management.
You’re in college and finals, along with some fun, is what it’s all about. Just go to your happy place, take some notes, and don’t stress it!
The most important thing to remember towards the end of the semester is to block all distractions. There are many things that can hinder you from reaching your greatest potential but you have to push through towards the end.
Some people will have your best interest and push you to the limit but you have to maintain your wits and focus on the main goal, which is finishing the semester off strong.
Start enjoying the crossing off the block on your calendar and try to enjoy those last few weeks before you’re home for summer break. Because at the end of the day nobody can do or finish your work for you in order to pass the semester with a great GPA.