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‘It’s Terry Lilly Time!’ Cheer coach promoted to oversee campus experience

Grambling State University recently showed great appreciation for a local gem.
Coach Terry Lilly has officially been named Associate Dean of Students for the Student Experience on campus.
Although it may sound as if he gained a new job, the Chicago native was already working for the bettering of student life as we know it.
Known for being the cheerleading coach who pushes and strives for perfection, Lilly, who is also director of Recreation and Intramural Sports, has his hands in a little bit of everything when it comes to the student experience. Lilly works with GSU’s Royal Court as well as Orchesis and other programs that enhance the experience of students while they attend school.
“Coach Lilly is guiding and providing visionary leadership and strategy over the student experience units such as FSUB, the Student Union Boards and the activities component,” said Gourjoine Wade, associate vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.
Born in Chicago, Lilly attended Grambling State University where he was a part of the cheerleading team. During that time, he was able to fulfill one of his dreams by going to the Olympics and a World Aerobic Championship to represent the United States.
Post-graduation is when Lilly’s stardom started all over again when he became the head coach of the nationally ranked cheer squad that he once tumbled for.
“For me, GSU was different when I actually cheered,” Lilly said. “Although time has changed, we have to install in students honor, respect, and responsibilities. These are things that cannot change, like right and wrong.”
Lilly’s mindset regarding the life of the students is why he is granted so many responsibilities at Grambling that are part of student involvement and the enhancement of the entire college experience.
Lilly and Athletic Director David Ponton, who also works with the enhancement of student life, work closely together to make sure that everything is to the liking of the students.
“I already work with all the pageants, and help with things like Springfest and Homecoming to make sure that the wants and needs of the students are always being met but also that they are being done the right way,” Lilly said. “The job title may sound like more responsibility but not when I have already been working with people like Mrs. Favors who is over SGA and all the other things that students don’t realize need to be fun but still need to exhibit a campus student experience that will better us as a university.’’
With so much on his hands, Lilly is showing great love for the university.
“I love my job, it is something that doesn’t seem like a job anymore but just a part of who I am. I work closely with people who want the same things I want which is to better the on campus life and activities for everyone, and that makes me happy,” Lilly said.