GSU junior launches fragrance line ‘Noble’

Addison offers a variety of fragrances to keep students feeling good and smelling fresh.  Courtesy photo

Sace Addison

Sace Addison has decided to take one of her interests and turn it into a business.
Addison, a junior at Grambling State University, has launched her own fragrance line, Noble.
“I decided on a name by figuring out a color scheme of my logo first,” Addison said. “I thought about how the colors made me feel, and Noble’s logo colors make me think of royalty. I want all of my clients to feel like royalty when wearing my fragrances.
“I would describe my scents as bold. Although I only have a few scents, the line is very versatile. The scents range from a strong, vibrant scent to a very sweet gentle scent. They’re also all very long-lasting.”
The line currently has five scents, but Addison is planning on expanding by adding more scents as well as other products.
“In the next month my customers can expect a couple more options for the scents as well as candles and essential oils,” Addison said. “By the end of the summer I will be dropping body scrubs.”
Addison also has one scent available for males but plans to expand to more scents in the near future.
Targeting a variety of consumers is what usually helps a business to prosper.
“Because this is my first business, I’m learning what works for people and what doesn’t,” Addison said. “Everyone’s preference is different. That’s why I’ll have a variety of items for people to choose from.”
Addison has always had an entrepreneurial and creative mind and is constantly thinking of new ideas and ventures.
“She is always thinking of something new to create or do,” Kendall Mears, a student at Grambling State University, said. “She never ceases to amaze me.”
It didn’t take very long for Addison to take one of her many ideas and turn it into a growing business.
“I decided over winter break this was something I wanted to do because I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur some day, and I just want to dip my foot in a little of everything,” Addison said.
“I tried to think of something that nobody else was doing. There (are) a lot of people doing lashes and hair now, but nobody is making perfume oils.”
Even with a great idea, being an entrepreneur in college is not an easy task.
There is a lot to focus on between classes, extracurriculars and now a business. However, this challenge did not scare Addison away.
“I honestly got the business off the ground by just going for it,” Addison said. “I kept hesitating on when to actually getting my business started.
“I started small by first making an Instagram page for it, and once I had that, a lot of people started to wonder when they could start buying them. Using the buzz I had created, I posted my drop date for the oils, and it went from there.”
A lot of entrepreneurs get their start in college and Grambling State University is no stranger to successful businesses.
“Being at Grambling has helped my business because the community is so supportive, especially when it comes to black businesses,” Addison said.
“Everyone is looking to build each other up and help one another prosper.”
If you would like to support and purchase Noble, head over to the Instagram @noblebylashai.