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Deltas Week focuses on educational programs

Members of Delta Sigma Theta and Omega Psi Phi following a successful event. Courtesy photo

The Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. hosted Delta Week from April 15-19.
The theme was based on Delta Airlines and each event was creatively named after airport components.
Delta Week was planned by all members of Delta Iota.
“Everyone threw out ideas for themes and events and we voted. The most popular themes and events were used,” Brittney Woods, a member of the Delta Iota Chapter, said.
The events chosen were topics that most if not all college students could benefit from.
“We always want our programs to educate the campus while falling under our Five-Point Programmatic Thrust,” Woods said.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. bases its programs, nationally and locally, on the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust. The thrust focuses on educational development, economic development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health and political awareness and involvement.
Delta Week began with its first event, “TSA: Security Check” in partnership with GSU Chief of Police Carlos Kelly.
This event was held on April 15 in the Black and Gold room.
The purpose of the event was to educate the student body on their Fourth Amendment rights. Kelly explained situations from a legal standpoint while also listening to student voice their questions and concerns.
“The event was very informative. As a African American man in today’s society, I believe that it is very important that myself and others like me have knowledge on our rights,” Malik Walker, a GSU student, said.
On Tuesday, the ladies of Delta Iota held their “Baggage Claim” event in the Student Union.
Tundra Turner, a counselor at GSU, led the event by providing knowledge and advice on things such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, mental health, self-care, etc.
The “Flight Status: Always on Time with Tea” event was held in the Student Union in conjunction with the Counseling Center.
The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to and inform students about sexual assault. A short video clip was shown to kick the event off followed by a panel of students who were given scenarios to respond to.
“Attending the panel was informative for me. It gave me insight about consent before sex or even kissing even if the individual has consented in the past,” Ayeisha Gipson, a GSU student, said.  
The last public event was the “Terminal Check: Air Force One”, an event that touched on political awareness.
Students were informed on the different presidential candidates and where they stand on certain issues.
Members of Delta Iota encouraged students to conduct their own research about candidates and issues before making a decision.
The members of the Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ended the week with ”Final DSTination”, a community service event closed to members only.
“The purpose of all of our events is to educate and entertain. We want to bring programs to the campus that benefit the students,” Woods said. “The turnout was amazing. We had a lot of audience participation and they gave us great feedback.”
You can expect another Delta Week along with other programs and community service as well as joint events with other organizations.
To keep up with Delta Iota and their programs, follow their Instagram @dstdeltaiota.