Alum invests in Shreveport daiquiri bar

Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe recently opened in Downtown Shreveport at 1881 Texas Ave. Courtesy photo

Grambling State University has produced a multitude of successful business men and women since the school opened its doors.
The institution has opened many doors for graduates to pursue any opportunity given to them.
One Gramblinite has decided to take what he learned at Grambling to help uplift a friend of his. David Aubrey, a 1995 graduate of Grambling State University, took the risk of investing in a fairly new business with an eye on franchise type growth.
Aubrey is named as one of the investors of Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe.
The cafe is a full service bar, specializing in daiquiris. Though it has been open for only a few months, it still catches the public’s eye with its unique twist: Its drinks are named after neighborhoods in Shreveport.
The restaurant consists of a main bar area, an outside courtyard and a patio deck. There is also a private room for party bookings. Music is always available to the customer’s specific desires via the TouchTone Audio System.
The owner, Jonathan Reynolds, is good friends with Aubrey.
“I got started in the business with the help of prayer and some close friends of mine being willing to also invest in the vision,” Reynolds said.
“Afterwards, filed the necessary paperwork, invested some of my own capital, and engaged a financial institution for a small business loan.”
Reynolds and Aubrey are hopeful Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe will expand across the state.
“The future of this type of business is limitless as long as you continue to provide high levels of service and adjust to the needs and demands of the market,” Reynolds said. “The bar industry itself is recession-resistant.”
Reynolds, who has a background in the financial sector, reached out to Aubrey and others for help to open the business in part because there has been an expressed need from many citizens of the community in Shreveport of an establishment like Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe.
The opening of Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe was motivated by the opportunity to invest and participate in the city’s growth.
“The area in which it is located has been neglected and in need of much development,” Reynolds said. “We hope to inspire others to invest and develop in the area. The area was thriving 40 years ago and can again with the efforts of other entrepreneurs.”