20 Questions

1.     Why are there only scholarships for STEM majors? #ALLMajorsMatter
2.     Who else was happy to see that Beyoncè invited The World-Famed and ODC to California?
3.     If Beyoncè attended an HBCU, which one would it be?
4.     If we have all this money, why do the potholes still look like mini swimming pools?
5.     Why can’t we turn up on the Yard during Springfest, but the alumni can during Homecoming?
6.     So who lives in the mansion?
7.     Why don’t other non-Greek sororities and fraternities like DBW?
8.     Why is Foster-Johnson closed on the weekend?
9.     When will the campus take rape as a serious issue?
10.    When will you all understand everyone cannot do makeup?
11. Will the pool be ready before the class of 2020 graduates?
12. How can I become our next mascot?
13. Why does Mr. Snod-grass fail everyone?
 14. Why do cars like to speed down Main Street?
15. Why do y’all like to flex with your 1999 pick-up trucks?
16. Why won’t police let us have fun ever?
17. Who else fell out of the window at that party?
18. Y’all do know it was “Gramchella” right?
19. Why didn’t the Caf’ tell students they were closing early for Easter?
20. Did anybody do anything environmentally conscious for Earth Day?
21. Why is Southern surprised Beyoncè chose us?
23. We thought you knew…

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!