Students express themselves on custom street signs

Students pose with their custom street signs in front of the T. Harris Auditorium. Courtesy photo

Custom street signs have been a Spring Fest favorite for many years.

There were several unique events that took place during Spring Fest week and this
was one of the most popular ones. This event was a student favorite because it gave them the opportunity to express their thoughts on a custom sign.

Many students came out to create their own personalized sign and kept the souvenir as a memory. Some students put the signs on the dashboards of their cars and others hung them up on their walls.

Student Union Board LaJazz Pichon led FSUB in hosting many events throughout the week for students to enjoy.

Pichon understands students enjoy this event because they can express themselves.

“Students are joyful for being able to create something that expresses themselves in various ways. Many students love taking advantage of
the opportunity and always request that we bring them back” Pichon said.

Pichon said that the event was a huge success again.

“The students were happy, as well as the vendor and we were able to have it the most organized it’s ever been. It was another successful year
in the G pleasing the students and making sure everything was running well.” Pichon said.

Upperclassmen were happy to see this event occur again.

Zion Buckmon, a senior from Washington D.C., got to experience the event for multiple years and said that she looks forward to coming to this event every year.

“I enjoyed the multiple choices of backgrounds for the street signs. I had been waiting all year and I was so excited to nally get one. Thisevent helped me also create a sign that I can use to advertise my business ‘Berried N Chocolate’,” Buckmon said.

Buckmon enjoys using the street signs because it serves as a good prop for her photo background displays.

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