Spring Fest parties that were shut down likely did not follow school guidelines

House parties are normal at this time of year at Gram- bling and at college campuses across the country.

Social media makes it simple for students to get information concerning these occasions and events can rapidly turn into colossal, wild parties.

Generally the police re- ceive noise complaints from neighbors and end up going to the house to end those gatherings.

Over Spring Fest a lot of events including block parties, kick backs and night parties around campus were shut down.

A few students expressed the reason behind these party shutdowns might be a result of parking, over-crowdedness or noise pollution. How- ever, university policy says otherwise.

Jovan Hackley, Associate Vice President of Strategies, Initiatives and Marketing at GSU, said that if students are to host parties around or near the university, they should seek permission from FSUB.

Event end times are submitted for approval to student activities as part of the reservation process.

University police would then be informed of such events and in turn would result in parties not getting shut down.

Hackley said it is the GSU police department’s duty to ensure the overall safety of all students and university staff and if protocol is not followed certain measures are to carried out.

A large portion of these school parties are attended

by minors freshmen and sophomores who are exposed to drinking or illegal drug
use for which many may not consider the seriousness of the penalties related with it.

If of cers have sensiblereason to presume that illicit exercises are occurring, they may almost certainly enter without a warrant.

For the most part, if there are drunk adolescents outside, police have enough reason.

Many individuals will be enticed to escape a party being busted by police, yet in the event that you are caught, punishments for any illegal activity will be worse, in light of the fact that you will have escaped police custody.

You are never required to address police without a legal advisor present, yet running from the police will just make the situation worse.