20 Questions

1. How many times will they fire and rehire?

2. If you aren’t a friend you will not be hired?

3. How many cousins work in Long-Jones Hall?

4. How you make $250,000 at a low tier HBCU?

5. Who else’s wig flew off in the wind Saturday?

6. We still trying to live like the Jones?

7. Who got caught up with a police officer?

8. Did Lil Wayne’s “Officer” pop in your head?

9. Why UAAM so pressed to be Devine 9?

10. Why were the AKAs mad the Deltas won Most Popular Sorority?

11. Why are most of the AKAs mean and stuck up?

12. Why did Blac Youngsta have the longest performance time?

13. How many kids do the DJ Twins have?

14. Why facilities hire people not qualified?

15. Who stole all the Gramblinites?

16. Why is freon being used in student dorms?

17. How many players thought they were going to the NFL?

18. Who watched Beyonce’s “Homecoming” documentary that featured Grambling’s World-Famed Tigers?

19. Why can’t Woodson be torn down and rebuilt?

20. Will Mass Comm students ever get the new TV center?

21. Why is the stuff in the POD Market extremely over-priced?

23. Is Legends Market closing?

24. Did Dr. Smiley get fired or she “resigned”?

25. Why Foster-Johnson send students to other centers for STD testing?

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions arestudent-submitted. 20 Questions
is intended for entertainment pur
– poses only. Those who can’t take ajoke should not read!!!