The truth about ‘Senioritis’

Pay attention to your study habits and your grades. Courtesy photo

Are you sick of school? Are you losing motivation? 

Yes, it is about that time again for seniors all over the world! 

Graduation is near, and the finish line never seemed so far away. Senioritis is an observable fact that is often displayed amongst many high school and college students during the last semester of their senior year. 

This “disease” presents characteristics such as apathy, low energy, frequent naps, repeated tardiness or absences, lack of concern, poor hygiene among other symptoms. 

Every year, students fall victim to senioritis during their final year of school. Most people question whether this so-called disease is a myth. Is it? Although it is not officially categorized as a medical condition or disorder, many say it’s real. 

Freshman Dayna Sterling believes senioritis is not real.

“According to the symptoms, I’ve had senioritis all my life,” Sterling said. “It’s a mindset if we’re being honest.” 

Do students genuinely suffer from this condition, or are they taking advantage of the situation? Despite the humorous connotations to make light of this so-called disease like pure laziness, excessive wearing of sweatpants and t-shirts, senioritis can present real issues. 

“My grades are quickly slipping because I haven’t been motivated enough to go to class lately,” senior Darnese Woods said. “It’s almost like I don’t even care anymore.” 

This can quickly become a problem for students. It is often college students who suffer the biggest loss of motivation. 

This can be because colleges don’t care whether you graduate on time or not, although they should. This can affect your classroom performance, attendance and can ultimately affect your grades. 

Spring semester oftentimes appear to go by more quickly, so catching senioritis is not the smartest idea. Some institutions are even known to take away your admissions or put you on academic probation.  

During this point in life, being uncertain of who you are and what your purpose is because you have been performing the same tasks for all of your life, it can become stressful—essentially causing you to not be motivated or interested in school. As a student, it is our responsibility to take control of this issue amongst seniors, for there are ways to eliminate the signs of senioritis. As it seems the only real cure is graduation, the easiest way to avoid senioritis is to just remain focused. 

Pay attention to your study habits and your grades. If you notice your grades are declining, always reach out to your instructors. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep in mind the bigger picture, the reason why you came to school. 

“What keeps me motivated is knowing that after graduation I finally won’t have to come home to homework and due dates anymore for a while,” senior Breanna Wayne said.