Student Launches Lash Company …

Affordable prices and quality lashes are available for sale from the Dallas native. A variety of mink lashes are available to enhance students makeup look. Courtesy photo

One of Jada Carrington dreams was to create her own lash line business. This dream is coming true with the help of her best friend Desharne Wooderts.

On April 3 Carrington, a senior criminal justice major from Dallas, Texas, received a surprise from her childhood friend that went viral on Twitter. Wooderts sent Carrington a package full of lashes to start Carrington’s lash line. 

“You said you are ready to hustle,” Wooderts said. “Let me see you flip this $100 to $400. I want to see you win.” 

The post has been shared nearly 1,470 times and received nearly 5,020 likes. 

Carrington sells a variety of style lashes. Her lash line company name is J’Allure Minks. 

“Eye lashes I sell are 3D mink 25mm lashes,” Carrington said. “I have five different varieties and will be adding even more to the selection soon.” 

Carrington was inspired to start selling lashes because she wanted to better utilize her free time for financial gain. 

“I started telling myself I need to find something to do with my free time and I just kept saying to myself that I want to get into something that will bring me some money,” Carrington said. “I’m always putting my lashes on. Every time someone would see me they’d ask me where I would get them from. I thought this would be a smart business move to sell my own.” 

Wooderts invested in her lash line by sending her a surprise package in the mail. 

“My best friend does hair,” Carrington said. “She sells bundles and lashes herself. She mentioned she got new t-shirts made for her brand and she wanted to send me a t-shirt with the new logo. I was on Facetime with her when I opened the package and I was in utter disbelief. I started crying because the gift was so heart-warming.” 

Carrington was shocked at the viral response she received from Twitter.

“I honestly didn’t think the photo would go viral,” Carrington said. “I appreciate the people who shared, liked, and commented. I wish everyone had a best friend like the one I have. I am forever grateful.” 

Carrington said that she decided to sell lashes because it’s something many people like. 

“Lashes is something I find interest in doing,” Carrington said. “I know how to apply them and I have confidence in advertising my product.” 

Carrington’s most popular lash style is called “Velvet”.

“My velvet pair is most popular for my customers who like the dramafied and bold look,” Carrington said. “Many makeup artists who want their clients eye to pop use this style lash too.” 

Students can purchase Carrington’s lashes as she accepts cash, Cash App and Paypal. Her lash sales are not limited to just Grambling students. 

For more information contact her via Twitter @jvvda_.