Our view: Flood hits Grambling yet again

Charles P. Adams parking lot flooded. Courtesy photo

Jacob T. Stewart parking lot closed off. Courtesy photo

“Old Grambling, dear Grambling, we love thee, dear old Grambling.” 

As the alma mater is song you can’t help but ponder do we really love Grambling? For more than 100 years, Grambling State University has pushed beyond financial barriers. However the university is no stranger to infrastructure issues. Between failed leadership and limited resources, the university has struggled to stay above water. 

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 7 the university experienced another flood affecting six campus buildings. Buildings that suffered damage in the flooding include off-line Woodson Hall and the new police station. Other buildings include Men’s Gymnasium, T.H. Harris Auditorium and Institutional Advancement. 

In 2016, a flash flood interrupted classes for more than three day and costing millions of dollars. Previous high water also hit 1985, 1991, 1994, 2002, 2015 and 2016. While advancements with recreational facilities and library are more than needed, infrastructure should be top priority. However, this issue was not created by current President Rick Gallot, but the task to resolve it is now in his hands. 

How many times will insurance and FEMA cover renovation expenses. 

In order to improve drainage, a costly pumping system will need to be engineered. 

For more than 30 years, you would think someone put the mask down and fix the issue. It cost more money to wait until something large occurs instead of fix the small issue. Management problems affect the flow of organization. 

We need a system. However, at least cleaning the drains consistently will help in the meantime.