20 Questions

1. Who else is ready to graduate?

2. Is anyone else happy Rickenzie won Miss Grambling?

3. How many of you all spent your refund check on Tiger Fest outfits?

4. Who else thought Travis Scott was coming because of the theme “Tiger World”?

5. Why couldn’t we just have one big artist instead of four artists whose music we barely know?

6. Why weren’t y’all up at 9 a.m. to register for housing?

7. Did you forget it went digital?

8. So who else is staying on the third floor next year?

9. Who else didn’t get a room assignment because everything is full?




13. Why won’t the police let us have fun?

14. When will Jewett be renovated?

15. Is the Wi-Fi  really going to be speeded up when we come back in the fall?

16. Will the intramural building ever be finished?

17. Why did it take the campus over two hours for the power to come back on?

18. Out of all the money we pay for housing, why were there no emergency generators available?

19. Who else wanted to go swimming in the flood near JTS Monday?

20. Was anyone else happy to get the “School Canceled” text?

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!