WILLIAMS: Turn up Tuesday now in Express

Majesty Williams is a sophomore mass communication major from Houston, Tx.

Turn up Tuesday’s are back and quite frankly GramFam this is an entire situation. 

From Da Twins spinning the ones and twos to the Greeks strolling to every best and tune we are loving the return of Turn up Tuesday in the midst of all this stress with finals creeping upon us in just a few small weeks. We need time to unwind and get back to the basics of GramFam being “turn up central” for ALL schools in louisiana . 

My first turn to Tuesday was spring semester 2018 and it was my first time being out on the yard and I had so much fun it motivated me to come out. Between the music the greeks and the family atmosphere I had never experience anything like it back home and I was so excited for the first time to be a Grambling State University Tiger. 

Turn up Tuesday is integral. 

“When I first entered Grambling I was shy,” GSU student Alania Montgomery said. “Didn’t wanna do much and didn’t wanna go out as often as I do know but one of my friends dragged me to turn up Tuesday and when I say it was lit I mean it was lit. Lit from the music to the Greeks even the food from the cafe just hit different on Turn up Tuesday. It reminds us that even through the darkest of times and even though we don’t always mess with each other Turn up Tuesday is a day for GramFam to be just that a big ole Grambling family until Knick if you buck come on of course,”  

Turn up Tuesday is one of Grambling’s signature events and has spun many different West Coast Wednesdays and topping Thursday for various organizations we are so excited that turn up Tuesday. 

”Well I don’t know what Turn up Tuesday was until I went to the cafe after I had ran out of the Tiger Bucks and I was absolutely forced to eat there and I can in the atmosphere was just terrific,” another GSU student going only by the name Manny said. “It was girls, music, food and more important girls, just kidding. But I never felt more at home more unified it’s part of the main reasons I eat at the cafe now and quite frankly I enjoy it I make it a regular habit of inciting my friends to the cafe every Tuesday and in the long run it saves me money from eating at the Express.”

In a sense Grambling culture from the old days is returning to what they say #makegramratchetagain. 

We hope to see you at the next Turn up Tuesday celebrating Grambling culture with us once again and helping is spread the love the peace.