Alphas put on Ape Walk Contest in Black & Gold

Cold Phront pose and do their best ape face  after the competition. Courtesy photo

The Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc., held an ape walk contest in the Black and Gold room. 

There were a total of four teams in the event which brought out a huge crowd. 

A lot of people were not able to get in due to the capacity limit the chief gave. Some people had to watch the even outside instead of being able to sit down and enjoy the event. 

This is the first time the Alphas have thrown the event since being back on campus.

“We were glad the girls and people who came out to support them were able to enjoy the show and glad that the brothers were able to help and establish the girls to put together a great show” Chapter President Xavier Ogunyemi said. 

Each team had up to five minutes to perform in each category. 

The categories were popular, slow and throwback. 

The Alphas aimed to give the women on campus an opportunity to mock their strolls and put together a show that the student body would enjoy. 

The team names were Gold Blooded, MisPhits, Queens of ICE and Cold Phront.

There were a total of four judges each category consisted of 85 points maximum. Each team was timed, once they got on stage. They had to come up with their own wardrobes for the event that would give those points towards creativity. 

The teams were scored on transitions (1-10), Creativity (1-10), Originality (1-10), Complexity (1-15), Synchronization (1-10), Costume (1-5), Crowd Reaction (1-15), and Energy (1-10).

After all the scores was tallied up the team that won was Cold Phront, coached by Major Woods.

“I really enjoyed putting event together for the girls this night was all about them. I appreciate all the girls that participated and making this event turn out the way that it did,” Woods said.  

 Team Gold Blooded place second followed by team MisPhits placing third.