20 Questions

1. Did 20 Questions hurt feelings last week?

2. Y’all do know 20 Questions is supposed to be taken as a joke, right?

3. When are the down-low guys going to come out the closet? 

4. Is adding a blonde patch an undercover signal?

5.Can we start treating each other as “family”?

6. Will GSU be ratchet again next week during Spring Fest?

7. What did y’all do over spring break?

8. Why does Gram cut the grass every day but won’t fix the potholes?

9. Who else cried when they heard about Nipsey Hussle?

10. Can the police let us have fun next week?

11. Or will they overdo their job again?

12. Who else went to see the US movie?

13. Is anyone else ready to “Act Up” next week at the concert with City Girls?

14. Who will be our new Miss Grambling? 

15. Y’all really spent your refund check on SGA campaigns?

16. Was it worth the cost even though you lost?

17.  Is anyone else ready for summer?

18. Why is Bebe so good at everything?