Officer shares spring break tips

Safety Officer Larry Jones

With all the excitement of being on spring break, I would like to offer a few safety tips to make sure this will be an enjoyable time for all.
Tip 1: Parents that work during this time please make sure that your child/children are left in the care of a responsible person or persons. Never leave them home alone to care for themselves.
Tip 2: With the warm weather easing its way in make sure electric fans are being used with parental supervision never leave floor units unattended in the home with a small child/children. Children are very curious and it only takes a second for an accident to happen.
Tip 3: Check stove and vent hood to make sure that they have not accumulated grease build up due to grease fires.
Tip 4: Keep a fire extinguisher on hand making sure that the batteries are in working condition.
Tip 5: Check all fire alarms making sure that the batteries are in working condition.
Tip 6: Practice family safety drills to ensure that everyone arrives in a designated area in the event of a fire.
Tip 7: Never allow your child/children to leave home without informing an adult of where they are going. Child abduction is not be taken lightly whether in a small community or large, it happens everyday. Talk with your child/children about giving out personal information about themselves or their family members, create a safety word that only you and those you are close to your child/children will know. Never use it in the presence of other, inform them that if they should ever feel uncomfortable with a situation never attempt to go through with it.
Lastly, Tip 8: Spring brings on lots of fun activities for many families so parents and guardians never leave your child/children alone in a vehicle not only for temperature sake but also for fear of car theft.