Nailed It

Taylor Magee

Affordable prices and quality work have opened doors for the Shreveport native. Courtesy photo

Grambling has a plethora of creative and entrepreneurial students who find several ways to support themselves throughout their college experience. Among those students is Taylor Magee.
Magee, a sophomore from Shreveport, La., has found her niche at GSU. Magee is an on-campus nail technician who was inspired by her passion at a young age.
“I’ve always wanted to do nails since I was in high school, but the financial responsibilities stopped me from thinking about nails”, Magee said.
Back then the timing was off, but now the timing was perfect. After working all summer and saving money, Magee raised enough funds to start her own business called “Tipped by Tay”.
Since the launching her business, Magee has become the go-to nail technician for several students, as she is nearby, her prices are affordable and her work is quality.
“I found her through a mutual friend, and now I go to her at least twice a month,” customer Angel Rhodes said. “I feel like a new person once I leave her chair because my nails are always cute and ready for me to show them off.”  
For most women, having their nails done is a necessity, so Magee wanted to ensure that college students felt better after getting their nails done by her.
“I want my clients to feel like a new lady walking out that door,” Magee said. “Most girls feel incomplete without their nails done, and I just want to be that puzzle piece that allows them to become complete.”  
Being a nail technician is far from an easy. It takes practice, dedication and an investment to become proficient.
Magee manages to keep her prices low by teaching herself certain techniques and with the help of other nail technicians.
“I learned tips on how to lay acrylic from my nail tech from back home,” Magee said. “It just took me practicing on my own to get it down pat.”
It takes a lot to keep a business afloat especially as a college student balancing a social life, school work and a business. Balancing your appointments, classes and extracurricular events can be a challenge, but is definitely possible.
“If you want to have a successful business on campus, you have to stay motivated!” Magee said. “Perfect your craft. You also have be reasonable! We are all college students which means most of us are broke.”
Magee understands that college students have limited funds so she has a new deal nearly every month.
“I do have a special going on right now,” Magee said. “I will be doing $25 freestyle sets just in time for Spring Break. Usually twice a month I have a $25 freestyle Friday.”
For more information on specials and booking, follow her Twitter @Taychunky.