Kar-Dash Transportation Service launches in Grambling

Transportation services such as Uber and Lyft are known for their convenience allowing people to travel easily from one location to the next via a driver’s personal vehicle.
However, these services are generally only offered in large cities.
Many students on Grambling’s campus have difficulties traveling to nearby cities like Ruston, Monroe and Shreveport.
Sophomore Araya McNeary has found a solution to the transportation issues students face  y founding her own company Kar-Dash Transportation Service.
McNeary, a double major in social work and psychology from Memphis, created the service due to the struggles she faced her freshman year at GSU.
“As a freshman, I did not have any transportation and it was such a struggle,” McNeary said. “Especially since Grambling does not have an Uber or a Lyft service. I figured this would be a great opportunity to help others.”
While McNeary only launched her business on March 11, she said that it is already “taking off” as many students use her transportation service daily.
“I’ve reached pretty good amount of customers.” McNeary said. “I get customers every day and I also have regulars. Students come to Grambling from all over and not everyone has a car. My service just makes getting around easier.”
The transportation service is similar to popular services offered from Uber and Lyft. The rider must call the business phone number and schedule a ride. Mcneary has listed prices for popular locations on her flyer. One example is a ride to Ruston which costs $10 for a round trip.
Another destination listed is a round trip ride to Monroe for $35. A round trip to Shreveport is  $60. Up to three people are allowed for each trip. Maximum seating is for four and includes $3 fee be added to the total.
“I kind of found inspiration in those companies like Lyft and Uber but most of my inspiration came from the campus,” McNeary said. “It is hard for one to excel if they have limited resources. I hated seeing students worry about how they were going to get from one place to the other. I personally like driving.”  
Kar-Dash Transportation Service is active in four states – Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama – with four drivers participating in the program.
“I am not the only person driving,” McNeary said. “Other drivers are Linneka Watson (Memphis, Tenn.), Taja Tillman (Houston, Texas) and Ebonee Swann (Bessemer, Ala.).”
McNeary said that her business is “very beneficial and reliable” for students .
“My business is beneficial because my prices are affordable and negotiable,” McNeary said. “I know what it is like to not have a steady person to rely on and not have your own vehicle as well.”
McNeary plans on continuing her services in Grambling for years to come.  
“Next year I would hope my services expands more,” McNeary said. “I know it can be sketchy riding with someone for the first time but I believe I am very reliable. I would hope that more students take advantage of it while it is going on.”
Grambling students can contact Kar-Dash Transportation Service and McNeary on her business line via text message or phone call at (832)-304-4886.  
Kar-Dash Transportation Service accepts cash app and additional payment methods.