In Their Own Words

“The importance of recognizing women’s accomplishments during Women’s History Month is to educate young women about their history, and influence women of all ages that anything is possible. Though there is still discrimination, and barriers throughout society; you can accomplish your goals in life, as long as you stay motivated.

“The most inspirational woman in my eyes is Erica Baker, a young black woman engineer who has worked with Google and several other large technical companies. She inspires me because she’s an activist for diversity and inclusion.”
— Nyah Posey, freshman
Computer science major
Bossier City, Louisiana

“It is important to recognize women’s accomplishments during WHM because it is a piece of motivation for women all over the world. To see women do amazing things gives inspiration and creates confidence amongst women to do whatever their heart desires.
“I find my mother as the most inspirational woman because she is the strongest person I know. She stands strong despite adversity she’s faced. She never gives up and she never stops striving for excellence. I aspire to be more like her each day.”
— Victoria Eggleston, freshman
Criminal justice major
Shreveport, Louisiana

“Recognizing WHM is important because for generations women have been oppressed and downgraded as if they don’t play a major role in the world. Carrying a baby for nine months and then birthing a child is already something that shows strength woman hold. WHM is important for the world to see accomplishments woman have made. Without woman we cannot survive.
“The most inspirational woman to me is my mom who raised me to be the man I am today. She taught me everyone is equal and to have respect for all woman.”
— DeAndre Bryant, sophomore
Accounting major
Chicago, Illinois

“It is important to recognize women during WHM because despite gender discrimination they have risen to what God created them to be which is virtuous, industrial, and all above conquerors in all aspects of life. Woman continue to thrive despite facing adversity.
“My mother is the most inspirational woman to me because she is strong.”
— Josh Wilhite, sophomore
Biology and chemistry major
Rayville, Louisiana

“I think it is important to recognize women’s accomplishments during WHM. Often times women’s accomplishments go unnoticed.
“The most inspirational woman to me is my momma. Even though she was sick she still made sure I was OK before she left. She was like my second mom. To this day I am forever grateful of everything she taught me. My mom is also a huge inspiration. I strive to have the same strength she has.”
— Waneshia  Bush, sophomore
Psychology major
Winnsboro, Louisiana

“I think the importance is for other to recognize women achievements. It is also important because it is inspirational. Other women can be inspired from other womens accomplishments.
Michelle Obama is the inspirational women to me because of the things she has done and accomplished as a leader from writing books to her involvement with the health movement.”
— Jessica Gibson
Library Specialist 2
Grambling State University

Compiled by Jasmine Franklin