In Their Own Words

A woman that I would like to see honored during WHM is Ms. [Sharon] Perkins, because one she is a very influential person on the campus and she also is always looking out for the students. With the many things she plans with FSUB, although she is an adult figure she still makes sure that the students still have a great time during their college experience.

— Ashley McCallie, sophomore
Elementary education major
San Diego, California


Dr. [Sheila] Fobbs because she has brought so much to the students here and the school, and she has given so many different opportunities. She brought Career Service back up to where it once was.
— Altha Madison
Workforce development coordinator
Office of Career Services


I feel Rickenzie Johnikin should be recognized. I feel she deserves to be recognized because in her three years of being at Grambling she has already accomplished and contributed so much to the school. She has been a part of SGA, she’s participated in the Calendar Girl Pageant, and she’s also been in a few plays with the Floyd L Sandle Players at the Performing Arts Center.
— Aaliyah Robison, senior
Visiual and performing arts major
Peoria, lllinois


I would like to see honored during WHM could be Tabitha N. She is a strong woman from Africa, she came to Grambling with a tennis scholarship seven years ago and after her graduation she became the grad assistant for the tennis team and bowling team, now she is the assistant coach of both teams.
— Danna Galeano, junior
Kinesiology major
Bogota, Colombia