Ice cream man brings a sweet smile to Grambling

Rasta a.k.a Paul Bedford II

City kids are usually used to siting ice cream trucks down their blocks.
Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience an ice cream truck as part of their childhood.
The good news is, Rasta’s Ice Cream is back in Grambling.
Rasta, a.k.a Paul Benford II, a senior at Grambling State University majoring in CIS with a minor in business, is and entrepreneur behind and new and only ice cream man around town. Benford has had a vision for his own food truck for a long time now with the dream finally manifesting at the end of fall semester 2017.
Right now, the ice cream truck is a reliable side hustle for Benford, until he has a consistent income and is able to take the vision of his truck further than what it has already reached.
“I usually go all throughout the neighborhoods in Grambling and Ruston and sell ice cream until the sun gets ready to set,” Benford said.  
Benford’s ice cream is here to uplift the community.
“When I first started selling ice cream, kids and even adults were excited and happy for me because they haven’t seen and ice cream truck in years, some not at all,” Benford said.  
After reportedly not having an ice cream truck for about 20 years in Grambling, Benford drives his truck with pride.