FOWLER: I understand the importance of a woman

Philip Fowler with his mother and siblings. Courtesy photo

Philip Fowler is a graduate student marketing major from Houston.

It’s a man’s world. That may be true, however it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. 

In my life a woman has been the backbone, the provider, the teacher and the nurturer in my household and because of that I understand the importance of a woman. Because of her I have learned valuable lessons in life that makes me the person I am today. 

To be able to be as strong and endure whatever life throws my way as I have seen her do growing up. 

Similar to a lot of black women in America, my mother was a single parent raising five children. The hardest job in the world is parenthood and it takes so much out of your life to ensure that a person is brought up to be strong, independent, smart, kind and educated. My mother made sure to instill those traits into all of her children. 

Growing up she was active in numerous community service groups such as her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha and her alumni group Greater Houston Alumni Chapter of Grambling State University. 

Of course she dragged us to every event and made sure we gave a helping hand to our community. 

Teaching us the importance and giving back. The things I find influential in her is her work ethic, her ability to handle situations calmly, her public speaking skills, her kindness and her passion for educating. 

All in all, I strive to be like her everyday.