Biz-Tech winner shines at BEYA

Niana Celestine is a native of Bataca, Dominica. Courtesy photo

(L-R) Niana Celestine, Faith Pittman and Arlanda Nunsett during 2019 BEYA. GSU Media Bureau

GSU senior Niana Celestine recently won a nationwide honor in Academics at the 2019 Black Engineer of the Year Awards. 

Celestine, a native of the Commonwealth of Dominica who has a 3.92 GPA and is double majoring in computer science and marketing, said she is honored to have received an award that recognizes her commitment to hard work.

“My BEYA accolade not only encourages me to keep pushing forward but reassures me that I am on the right path,” Celestine said. “Now, as I get closer to graduating in December, it’s crunch time for me.” 

In addition to her academic honors, Celestine has been acknowledged as a star intern by technology provider, CenturyLink. 

Celestine also led winning teams at the 2018 Bayou Classic BizTech Challenge (1st place), HBCU Battle of the Brains – (3rd Place) and CenturyLink Disrupt (2nd Place).

From a young age, Celestine has had a passion for technology, but her charismatic spirit may be the key to the success that has come as a result of her pushing through stereotypical barriers.

“I hope to show other young women that stereotypes are ridiculous and there is no one box to fit into,” said Celestine. “Yes, I am into tech, but I’m also a business major and an artist.”

Celestine is filled with gratitude that her many talents have lent to her success. 

“We can be our authentic selves and still have a seat at the table,” Celestine said. “I am just thankful for all of the opportunities and options that I have been blessed with.” 

Celestine is set to graduate in fall 2019. 

“I have a few important decisions to make about life after GSU,” Celestine said.

Another winner on the night was GSU alumnus Dominique Wilson Winner who won the BEYA Modern Day Technology Leader Award. Wilson Winner was the previous academic coach of the BEYA community service winner, Arlanda Nunsett. Today, Wilson Winner works as a Level 2 Software Engineer at Huntington Ingalls Industry, America’s largest military shipbuilding company and government services provider. Wilson Winner received the job offer from Huntington at the 2016 BEYA conference.

GSU President Rick Gallot said he is appreciative of the dedication of students and staff at the university. 

“These awards reflect the continuous hard work of the students, and staff in our CMAST (Center for Mathematical Achievement in Science and Technology) program,” Gallot said in a statement. 

“We are grateful to our CMAST project director Mrs. Corisma Robinson Akins and the entire team for how they continue to innovate.”