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General Body Meeting

FSUB advisory board during Welcome Week activities with local rapper Whop Beezy. Courtesy photo

This semester students can expect several new events from the Favort Student Union Board including the Mardi Gras Ball that took place on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m in the Black and Gold Room. 


According to FSUB President LaJazz Pichon FSUB always creates “new ideas.” 


“There are a lot of events packed in this semester,” said Pichon. “We spend a lot of time developing ideas and we never repeat the same event during the school year. This (year) we have the Mardi Gras Ball in the Black and Gold Room. The following week we will have a early 2000s party in the Black and Gold Room.”  


FSUB Vice President Arshuana Candler said that student participation is vital to make events enjoyable. 


“This year we have been trying to change things up and not give students the same events over and over again,” Candler said. “It would help a lot more if students participated a little more especially with feedback on events. We can’t improve if we don’t know how students liked the event.”


Danyelle Cober is the executive assistant director of FSUB. Cober said that there are some “hidden surprises” coming up. 


“Obviously we already have a ton of events planned this semester,” Cober said. “There are a few hidden surprises for Spring Fest that FSUB is very excited for.” 


Spring Fest will be held April 7-12. FSUB started the planning process during the fall after Homecoming. 


FSUB hosts several general body meetings. Students are encouraged to attend these meetings to voice their opinions about events. 


On Tuesday Feb. 12, FSUB held a general body meeting. The general body meetings are open to all students. According to Cober the meeting went “great.” 


“Our last general body meeting went great,” Cober said. “We got more suggestions for themes and events we could incorporate for Springfest.” 


The selection process for Spring Fest is already underway, however, students are still encouraged to submit suggestions.


“We really are looking at each suggestion. Spring Fest should be enjoyable for everyone,” Pichon said. 


“I feel like the meeting would have been more beneficial if more students came. We allowed students to vote on artist and then we took the list of top ten and reached out to them. We select artist based off price and availability.” 


According to Candler students can expect Spring Fest to be fun.


“Everything is almost set but nothing is released yet on artist. Students can expect Springfest to be enjoyable and we will definitely have some artist you all were not expecting,” Candler said. “Although many people care about the concert, FSUB host a variety of day events throughout the week that we have been working hard to plan.”