Students share frustrations about GSU Police Dept.

Students complain about parking tickets, particularly because there aren’t enough parking spaces on campus. Courtesy photo

Most students come to college to get away from being under their parent rules. They use college as a tool to mature, develop their adulthood and to have fun. However, while student reaction to police presence on campus is varied multiple students have indicated they frustrated with campus police. 


Marcel Lewis, a junior from Little Rock, Ark., said he sometimes they feels as though he cannot walk through campus without being questioned from the police, but that ultimately the university police department is trying to do the right thing. 


“They will stop you eventually for something,” Lewis said. “It doesn’t matter your race or sex. You will get questioned at some point or another. But relax, they just want to make sure you are really a student. Police are friendly for the most part, except for the parking tickets. They keep the campus safe and take their jobs seriously. Sometimes just a little too seriously.” 


Overall, many students, like Lewis, have expressed frustrations over parking tickets. 


Lari Talbert, Chairperson for GSU’s traffic appeals committee, said students should know the rules when it comes to parking. 


“When students receive their decals, they are given a brochure that explains where and when they can park,” Talbert said. 


“Residential students, on campus, are only allowed to park at their dorms during school hours….they are not allowed to park the university was created to be a walking campus.” 


Many students have openly asked what could be done to ease frustrations from students with the campus police and police interactions with students. 


Some are calling for the student body to meet and voice their opinions in a public forum to communicate to the campus police how they feel. Many students have indicated outside an open meeting with campus police they will continue to harbor frustrations.


“This is a problem that should be taken care of because many students that are here and the students that are coming in will want to be fixed in order for many students to enjoy their college life.” La’Brea Jenkins, a sophomore from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said.