Coach and family man

Eddie G. Robinson. File photo

Edward Gay Robinson Sr., more popularly known as Coach Rob, was a college football coach known for his almost 56-year career as head coach at Grambling State University. 


Born in the town of Jackson in South Louisiana, Robinson achieved greatness despite his humble beginnings as the son of a domestic worker and a sharecropper. More than 200 of the players he coached went on to make it to the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. 


Besides being an excellent football coach, Robinson was also equally famous for his sportsmanship and encouraging quotes. 


 While everyone at GSU decided to commemorate what would have been his 100th birthday, the Department of Family And Consumer Sciences sought to ensure that his legacy was known among Grambling State students. 


Survey conducted


Eighty-eight students were interviewed and given a survey in regards to Mr. Eddie Robinson. Out of that number, 17 were freshman, 24 were sophomores, 20 were juniors, and 26 were seniors.


They were asked some of the following questions: 


– Do you know Eddie Robinson? Seventy-nine answered yes. 


– Have you ever visited the Grambling museum named after Eddie G. Robinson? Fifty-six answered yes.  


– Do you know that his 100th birthday is February 13, 2019? Fifty-seven answered yes.  


– If we were to have a celebration for his birthday, would you be willing to participate? Seventy answered yes.  


– Do you know Eddie G. Robinson as a coach, a family man, or an African American? The majority stated as a coach.


Students share thoughts


After the survey was completed, students in Family and Consumer Science who conducted the survey asked those students surveyed if the would like to share their feelings and beliefs about Robinson. 


Most students talked about Robinson as being a good person and great coach, and noted how he impacted the lives of many young men. 


Many students were absolutely amazed by him. 


“Coach Eddie Robinson was a remarkable leader, family man, and coach for Grambling State. He was said to have a positive impact on everyone he knew and he literally remembered everyone he came in contact with,” said Kelsey Ross. 


“I wish I had a chance to simply be in the presence of this legendary man.” 


Another group of respondees focused more on his background, and how well the students knew him. The students talked about the fact that Eddie G Robinson is a historical block coach who worked at Grambling State University and brought in many wins. But this group went beyond the basic biographical, noting that Robinson was a family man who loved what he did at GSU, in addition to being the best college football coach in history. They thought he was a good coach for GSU and good man. 


Post-survey analysis 


This research gave insight on how well students think and how they show their interest for things outside of their everyday routine. The FCS students expressed their thanks to all of the students for making the survey effort a success and taking time out of their day to honor the legendary Eddie G. Robinson. They expressed their thoughts: Eddie G. Robinson was a great man, and now a legend in our eyes. We all could take so much from him and put it in our own lives.  He touched many lives and has left a lasting imprint on our hearts.  


It can’t get any better than Mr. Eddie G. Robinson, they summarized


The members of the FCS 460 class, taught by Dr. Suzanne Mayo, who conducted the survey were Shakira Brule’, Stefon Jackson, LaDorothy Jones, Ronita Harris, Tykei Matthews and Jahnta Tate.