Class does survey to find out what students know about Eddie Robinson

“Eddie G. Robinson was a family man that loved what he did at GSU,  He is considered that best football coach in college history, winning 408 games throughout his coaching career at Grambling.” 

— Asia Faulk 

Lafayette, Louisiana



“Eddie Robinson was not only a great coach but he was also a great man of the community. He was a kind man that was known by his entire community.” 

— Angel Sullivan

Baltimore, Maryland



“He was a cool coach and whenever you saw him, he always had a smile and insisted on being good in academics as well as sports.” 

— Annette Scott

Shreveport, Louisiana



“Coach Rob was known as the family man.” 

— Tykei Matthews

Monroe, Louisiana



“He was more than just a regular old coach. Eddie G. Robinson was an inspiration to many individuals at Grambling State University. Because of him, he made it possible for many football players to accomplish their goals.” 

-— Stefon Jackson

Bastrop, Louisiana



“Eddie Robinson Sr. was a great football coach and a wonderful person. Eddie Robinson impacted a lot of young men’s lives throughout the many years he was a coach.”

— Donna Tarpley

Oakdale, Louisiana



“Eddie Robinson was an all-all kind of guy. You would see him in the post office, grocery store, on campus. He was the same guy, “friendly’.” 

— Charity Hampton



“Eddie G. Robinson was a good person and coach.”

— Lakeitha Simon

Houston, Texas



“Eddie G. Robinson was a legend. He is well known for many accomplishments. He is the winningest football coach.

— Shandria Patrick



“I would see coach on campus and he was always on the move. He was very driven for football as well as academics.” 

— Kelsey Ross



“He was a great coach and left a great legacy.” 

— Kinya Carter

Ruston, Louisiana



“Coach Eddie Robinson was a remarkable leader, family man, and coach for Grambling State. He was said to have a positive impact on everyone he knew and he literally remembered everyone he came into contact with. I wish I had a chance to simply be in the presence of this legendary man.” 

— Kershuna Brandley