Why N-word is NOT a problem

Kris Darroux

Tupac once said, “Niggers was the ones on the rope, hanging off the thing; niggas is the ones with gold ropes, hanging out at clubs.”


The word nigger has been utilized as an emphatically contrary term of scorn for a dark individual since the 18th century. Today it stays a standout amongst the most racially hostile words in the language. Additionally alluded to as ‘the N-word,’ nigger is in some cases utilized by dark individuals in reference to other dark individuals in an unbiased way (in to some degree a similar way that eccentric has been received by some gay and lesbian individuals as a term of self-reference, satisfactory just when utilized by those inside the network).


Despite the general societal restriction on utilization of types of nigger, a variation finds proceeded with acknowledgment among a few individuals from the African American people group for intra-group self-reference. The present research utilizes quantitative and subjective investigation of information from accounts by African American entertainers to demonstrate that a variation of nigger that created in the early African American people group holds in the dictionary of African American English since it passes on a social implying that is essential in the personality of numerous African Americans. Utilization of this structure enables a speaker to develop a personality speaking to familiarity with the historical backdrop of African Americans and reasonable learning of the nature and ramifications of the diaspora experience. The structure has been beneficial in its ability to pass on a scope of attitudinal positions identified with its essential importance, including solidarity, scold and a proactive position that looks to realize positive change.


After some time the word has re-developed and is utilized with an alternate significance by the relatives of the extremely individuals who had to endure the cruel term decades before. The N-word can be deciphered as either benevolent or defamatory amicable when utilized by the black network and harsh when utilized by non-black people.


The term is utilized in the today’s slang, overwhelmingly, by the black community and African American rappers. At first, this was trying to desensitize the defamatory translation behind the word. In doing as such, use of the N-word has now turned out to be acceptable to some African Americans. 


The standardization of the word in popular culture has prompted some white individuals additionally saying the word, which has resulted in reaction from African Americans with the view that white individuals ought not use the word.


I trust that the black community can and has recovered the N-word. I comprehend the word itself involves a profound, piercing history of prejudice and abuse, and accordingly I comprehend the individuals who need to eradicate the word totally. In any case, I regard it unthinkable. Language breathes and lives with us. 


It is important. It is something we can’t just delete in light of the fact that we need. If we can’t delete it, we should make it our own. WE are the ones who give language control by connecting implications to it. At the end of the day, we are also the ones who have the ability to strip such expressions of their past power by recovering it. I trust the dark network has re-appropriated the word effectively. I think they possess the N-word now. It is theirs.