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Dr. Sebi

Every day it seems to become ever more clear that the human body has a powerful ability to heal itself naturally. One man, a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist who immigrated from Honduras, took this notion all the way, changing history and widening the path towards the cure of all disease. His name is Dr. Sebi, a man dedicated to service as he showed people how to take care of themselves no matter the obstacles he faced.


In 1988, he took the attorney general of New York all the way to a Supreme Court trial because he was being sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in numerous newspapers, including the New York Post, where he had said, “AIDS has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others.”


Pretrial, the judge had asked Dr. Sebi to provide one witness per disease he had claimed to cure, he brought 77 witnesses. The judge had no choice but to proclaim him not guilt on all accounts, proving that he did actually have the cure to every disease mentioned in the newspapers. 


He’s treated several celebrities including Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, and even the deceased Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes who proclaimed in a video, “I know a man who has been curing aids since 1987.” Shortly after that video was released publicly Lisa was run off the road after leaving Dr. Sebi’s USHA Healing Village in Honduras, leading many to believe she was murdered due to her verbalized plan to share the Doctor’s message with the world.


According to Dr. Sebi the culprit for all diseases is only one thing, mucus. His intra-cellular detoxifying Bio-Mineral Therapy removes years of toxic buildup, restoring cells back to their purest state. He claims “Electric Foods” or organically charged agriculture are one of the key ingredients to this transformation, removing any acidity that may be causing disease in the body.


He died of complications while battling pneumonia in Honduras police custody at the age of 82. Before his death he continued to serve humanity out of his office in Los Angeles, California,  as well as a tropical sanctuary called the USHA Research Institute and Healing Village in Honduras.