20 Questions

1. So who’s going to the Mardi Gras ball?


2. How many of the AKAs really wanted to be Deltas?


3. Are y’all still out here getting recorded?


4. Who just got exposed, do they even attend Grambling? 


5. Did anyone else spend all their Tiger Bucks?


6. Why is the stuff in “The Pod”store so expensive?


7. Can the contract ending with Aramark  hurry up?


8. Is it true only three of the football players have a GPA higher than a 3.0?


9. Are faculty members stealing money?


10. Who’s going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras?


11. So who’s excited for Spring Fest?


12? Where is everyone going for spring break?


13. So about this wi-fi, when will it be fixed? 


14. Do men thrive off interrupting women’s peace?


15. Why didn’t we leave abusive relation ships in 2018?


16. Can Blueface come for Spring fest?


17. Why do all the math teachers have heavy accents, I can’t understand anything?


18. Can the Greeks stroll on the yard or at other events aside from just basketball games? 


19. Can drivers please stop trying to hit me when I’m walking on the cross walk?


20. Will y’all ever stop speeding down main street? 


21. Why does the mail-room always lose my packages? 


22. Will the people who work in the mail room stop being so negative all the time?


23. Why does JTS feel like a hot sauna? 


24. What’s the point of coming to college if your going to go home every weekend? 


25. Why doesn’t the fountain in front of Adams have water? 


26. Is anyone else ready to drop out?


27. Who else went and watched the “Eclipsed” play?


28. How many AKAs don’t like each other?