Tiger Top 5 (Love Edition)

1. “Crush” – Yuna
     (feat. Usher), Album; Chapters: Yuna is a Malaysian singer who released her third studio album last year. The singer teamed up with Usher for a love song that reeks sweetness. This song is definitely one of my personal favorites from her album. This track is one of the tracks that may get lost in your love playlist, but each time you hear it, it’s special. Her calm voice and Usher’s wide vocal range work perfect in this slow-jam.

2. “On the Way” – TWENTY88, Album; TWENTY88:
     I have been waiting for over two years now since R&B stand out Jhene Aiko and rapper Big Sean released a part two to this amazing project. The pair joined forces on one of my favorite albums. The album focuses on the highs and lows of a relationship. The duo’s voices compliment each other very well. The chemistry in each song is undeniable. Fans speculate that the two have since broken up and Jhene Aiko covered up her tattoo of Big Sean.

3. “Get You” – Daniel Caesar (feat. Kali Uchis), Album; Freudian: Toronto-based singer, Daniel Caesar, collaborated with Kali Uchis on this sweet love song. His voice seems effortlessly amazing and perfectly fits this slow beat. Singer Kali Uchis offered the perfect balance on this love song.

4. “Focus” – H.E.R., Album; H.E.R.: Grammy award-winning artist, H.E.R. released one of my all time favorite R&B songs, “Focus”. Each time I hear the slow melody of this song it warms my heart. I can’t hear this song without wanting to sing along to the chorus “Focus on me”.

5. “Like You” – Bow Wow (feat. Ciara), Album; Wanted:
    Although this song is over a decade old, each time I hear it I sing along. This is a classic love song.