BizTech winners advance at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Nakiuss Glossen advances to ULS Academic Summit for his research in steganography. Glenn Lewis/GSU Media Bureau

The 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium saw large participation for the annual event.

More than 100 students from Grambling State University presented research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held Feb. 7 at the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center. Choosing less than twenty winners for the selection committee was no small task.

Participants presented research in various disciplines, like mental health, encrypted messages and art. The student-led studies were conducted over a year with faculty mentors from a variety of participating programs at the university

Of those winners, are BizTech winners, Gary White and Nakiuss Glosson. Both students, under the advisement of Dr. Yenumula B. Reddy advisement, will go on to compete at the 2019 University of Louisiana system academic summit. The eighth annual academic summit will be held in Grambling State University, April 11 and 12.

Grambling native and senior Gary White will present his winning research on a secure messaging application, where he combined cryptography with Android messaging. White is excited the university will host the annual academic summit.

“It will help us showcase our talents more,” White said. “It shows that the university is not a subpar school and that we are doing great things in our department.”

Nakiuss Glosson, a sophomore from Bernice, La., agrees that the university does not always get the best support due to the underlying assumptions.
“We are working hard toward our goals, and that can get overshadowed by small incidents on media outlets,” Glosson said.

Glosson will advance to the ULS Academic Summit for his research on transferring messages using steganography technique.

Being that both students are from the department of computer science, we got their thoughts on the new cybersecurity program. Glosson expressed his excitement for the first cybersecurity program in the state.

“Due to technological advances in society, there is no unemployment rate in the field,” Glosson said. “We will have summer camp to introduce local high school students to the program.”

The day included three oral presentations sessions and one poster presentation session. Awards were announced the following day.


• Oral presentations
Tanyardzwa Magule,
Taeko Tucker
Tionna Baker
Gary White
Jumel Jno Baptiste, Deidre Henderson, Keren Muswere
• Poster presentations
Morgan Drain & Lauren Weaver
Seraya Jones, Robynn Hadley and Tiffany Francis
Muath Alshuail, Maheeb Alaameri, Qasim Al Eid, Ali Aldubaisi and Abdullah Alzaher
Nakiuss Glosson
Lauren Williams, Dontavious Joseph, Rachel Moten, Natalie Washington, Versace Hicks-Butler, Briana Urena and Jalen Spencer
• Art exhibitions
Bianca Walker
Chris Lewis
Jessica D. Keyes
Marshawna Kendrick