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Aramark contract up for renewal in June

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Aramark Corporation has been the established food vendor at Grambling State University, including at McCall Dining Hall, for over a decade.
However, that may change if the university selects another vendor when Aramark’s contract expires June 30.

As we gear up for the renewal of Aramark’s contract, the Grambling community is posed questions of who will serve meals at the university if the contract is now renewed. Will the new vendor’s dining contract, or Aramark’s if they are renewed, meet the expectations of on-campus diners?

Various events have reportedly led to unfortunate dinging experiences for Grambling students who have meal plans. Aramark has faced numerous complaints about their services.

Last semester students complained to The Gramblinite about “Macaroni Hot Dogs” and a raw chicken sandwich served to a student in the Express.
While Aramark has the power to produce better services, student complaints about the food services vendor could result in a non-renewal of their contract with the university when it expires.

University Communications recently sent out a questionnaire to all students via email.

The survey has since then closed, but students had the opportunity to voice your concerns on the current dining services and suggestions.

The detailed survey asked about the food currently provided and dietary needs.

The university administration has indicated they look forward to satisfying current and future students as problems are brought to the table of discussion.

“The survey is not accurate if we refuse to take it,” Jasmine Franklin, a freshman mass communication from Chicago, said.  

Several students reached the same consensus voicing concerns  that Aramark is not receptive to their wants and needs. In contrast, Aramark can argue they offer several student surveys throughout the year.

“I wish we had more vegan options,” Franklin said. “I love the cafe, but the experience has not been good.”

In a recent meeting with students, GSU President Rick Gallot expressed that students with specific dietary needs should voice their needs to 2018-2019 SGA student-body president, Adarian Williams.

Prior to the June 30 contract expiration domestic and international vendors are expected to submit bids to become the new food provider. If the contract is renewed, hopefully, needs and suggestions are met. But if a bid is considered by a new company, students may miss Aramark.

Aramark provides food services to colleges, universities, healthcare facilities, businesses and correctional facilities in the U.S. and 20 other countries.
Local clients include Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana in Monroe.