Tiger L.I.F.T. travels to NOLA for team-building

Tiger L.I.F.T. program.

Tiger L.I.F.T. students during their recent trip to New Orleans. Courtesy photo

Chances are, an incoming freshman is from surrounding areas close to Grambling State University. But quite often you meet someone from 1,000 miles away. 


Tiger L.I.F.T., Leaders Inspired for Today, matches students from different backgrounds; and each has an accountability partner with the hope they will uplift each other. 


At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Larry Green, Director of University College and Program coordinator, took 44 students down to the big easy for team-building and learn more about the culture. 


The initiative partnered with Venture Team Building, students were put in teams of five and had 90 minutes to complete a scavenger hunt in the French Quarters district of New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Venture Team Building provides free resources for groups interested in providing experiential learning and team building activities. 


The website motto is: ‘Inspiring Success through Teamwork’. The company can help in a conference event or a group of children. 


You may ask why a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt can teach resourcefulness, improve communication skills, as well as team skills in order to win. 


Team-building exercises can help sort out unproductive conflicts within teams; they can also promote healing in more extreme circumstances.


“It allowed students to get to know one another,” Green said. “We talked about how student leadership and team-building is important to be successful for their careers.”


Green gives students a fresh perspective on goal setting and reassurance. 


“I work one-on-one with program students,” Green said. “I share my  trials and triumphs, in order for them to avoid the same mistakes.”