CORRECTED: Mays-Logan receives civil service award

The Louisiana Civil Service League awards Mays-Logan with award. Courtesy photo

Linda Mays-Logan, administrative assistant in the Department of Mass Communication was recently awarded the Honorable Mention Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Award. Mays-Logan is a 36-year veteran of Grambling State University. 

“I want the place to feel the best and where people can feel comfortable to show love and support to make it better!” Mays-Logan said on receiving the award.  

The Louisiana Civil Service League bestows the award on local, state and municipal civil service employees who distinguish themselves through unselfish service to the citizens of Louisiana. Honorees are judged on commitment to the classified service. 

“It is an honor to receive the Honorable Mention for the Charles E. Dunbar Award and having the support of present and former co-workers, and support of the community it would not have been possible,” Mays-Logan said.  

Mays-Logan was honored at the Louisiana Civil Service League’s 60th Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Awards Program in New Orleans. 

At the event, only 12 Honorable Mention winners were selected from 400 official agencies and more than 70,000 public workers. Mays-Logan  was also one of the two African American civil service workers selected for the award and the only awardee ever from Grambling State. 

To be eligible to receive the award next year, Mays-Logan will need to be re-nominated and be scored by the judges in the top 12.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly state Mays=Logan will automatically qualify for the award next year. This has been corrected.