20 Questions

1. Will anyone be my Valentine for one day?


2. Does anyone want to Netflix and chill?


3. Who else withdrew from classes this week?


4. Does the “318” still run Louisiana?


5. Who else is excited for football season?


6. Does anyone care about any other sports other than basketball and football?


7. Will the Kappa Cesil that works in Admissions marry me?


8. Is Soulja Boy done calling himself a legend?


9. Who else is excited to go to Baton Rouge this weekend for the basketball game?


10. Why doesn’t the student body appreciate FSUB?


11. Why are some of the FSUB events boring?


12. Why doesn’t the LGBTQ community come out to events hosted for them?


13. Who else forgot to turn in their nursing program applications?


14. Is anyone else failing their classes already and may not be able to graduate?


15. Why do teachers still play favorites?


16. Is Dr. Dorris Williams-Smith your Grambling mother?


17. Who else is looking for love this Valentine’s Day?


18. Can we have Blueface for spring break?


19. Is anyone accepting applications to be a “Thotiana"?


20. So who is behind the new Grambling confessions page?


21. Is Greek life worth the hype?


22. Can the Greeks stroll and be more active on campus at other events aside from basketball games? 


23. Why do all of the attractive upperclassmen have children?


24. Is anyone accepting applications for a side chick on Valentine’s Day?


25. Is anyone willing to share Tiger Bucks?


26. Who else is ready for Mardi Gras break already?


27. Why does the fire alarm in Bowen go off so much?


28. Who is excited to beat Southern this weekend in basketball?


29. Why do the Southern basketball warm-up suits look like clown outfits?


30. Did you forget you weren’t his Valentine?


DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!