Tiger Top 5

Tiger Top 5

1. “MIDDLE CHILD” – J. Cole, Single; On this track Cole collaborated with producer T-Minus. There collab created hit song “Kevin’s Heart” last year. As for the title, J. Cole is not actually a middle child. He used that metahpor to explain his standing in the current rap game. This song is another hit, however J. Cole never recieves the recogniztion he deserves. 


2. “First Off” – Future, Album: The WIZRD: The Atlanta-based artist released his seventh studio album on Jan., 18. The album has a pretty extensive track list. This song is one of the few collabs on the album. On this song he collabs with artist Travis Scott. This song is a dedication for flaunting each others’ lavish lifestyles. There is a lot of motivation in this collab. 


3. “Envy Me” – Calboy, Single:  The Chicago-based rapper released at hit single that has received a lot of attention on social media. The Chicago origniated “Wop” dance was coordinated with this song in thousands of dance videos posted online. I can’t listen to this song without thinking about “Wopping”. Personally this was the first song I heard from Calboy. However, I’m excited to hear what he releases next. 


4. “24/7” – Meek Mill, Album: Championships: Meek Mill teamed up with trendy singer Ella Mai on this song. The smooth vocals and intelligent lyrics make this song one of my favorites on my current playlist. The song utilizes Beyonce samples in the background. Meek Mill continues to showcase his ability to rap on various types of beats. 


5. “Wasted Love Freestyle” – Jhene Aiko, Single: I’m predicting Aiko will have a succesful 2019. She is defintely one of my favorite artist. Her voice gives a calm and theraputic spirit. This free style is no diffrent. I’m defintely ready for her to release another project. Many are speculating this song is about her potential break up with rapper Big Sean.